We make smart pet products that help pets and pet parents. Our innovative approach to product design and our passion for quality sets us apart. You will find the IQ in Pup IQ is a constant reminder that all of our products are approached with intelligent design, and utilize cutting edge "smart" materials to provide more features and function then any product before. Our products are designed with passion for engineering and animals. 


Our products are proudly made in Wichita, KS USA. We have a highly skilled staff of passionate creators that put the little touches across all of the product lines. While you might not notice the small details, we make it our primary focus. Our products solve problems and provide comfort.

Our Awards

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Our feature rich products are built to deliver a brilliant combination of performance, quality and function. While we  present aesthetically pleasing designs,  our products are a whole lot more than beautiful. We offer innovative and quality solutions to help pets get the most out of life.