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Pup IQ uses intelligent design and smart materials to ensure we make the best quality dog products on the planet!

Luxury Dog Beds

Luxe Pup Dog Beds

Soft and sumptious, these hand crafted luxury dog beds are the epitome of quality and style.  


Top Quality Washable faux furs

All of our Luxe Pup beds feature the finest quality faux fur that provides long lasting comfort to your animal while accenting any room. These covers are completely removable and machine washable. More importantly, they are hand made with master craftsmanship in the USA. Oversize zippers and our Smart Kevlar thread ensure these beds are built to be strong and beautiful.


Adaptaloft cloud filling

These beds are filled generously with AdaptLoft premium cloud filling to ensure your doggy is always comfortable and supported. This is the most premium filler you can buy and ensures the bed will not flatten out for years. This premium filling is a better quality than any other dog bed on the market and used only in high end childrens plush toys.