Prisma Reflective Dog Collar

Prisma Reflective Dog Collar


The Smart Pup Prisma collar features state of the art materials and science. Utilizing military technology the Prismatic infused vinyl center is the most reflective dog collar ever created. Also featuring a state of the art magnetic buckle makes it a SNAP to take on and off your dog!


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  • Small size: 8" min. to 14" max. Length x 1" Height

  • Medium size: 12 3/4” min. To 18 1/4 max. Length x 1" Height

  • Large size: 15 1/8” min. To 22 3/4” max. Length x 1" Height

  • Extra Large: 20" min. to 26" max. Length x 1" Height (1).png



  • The magnetic clasp makes it a breeze to take on and off and is strength tested for up to 340 lbs


  • Durable vinyl infused with PRISMATIC technology for up to 450 ft of visibility. Even when wet!


  • Cutting edge technology to reflect light up to 1,500 times brighter than white fabric

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