The Smart Pup Prisma dog collar features state of the art materials and science. Utilizing military technology the Prismatic infused vinyl center is the most reflective dog collar ever created. Also featuring a state of the art magnetic buckle makes it a SNAP to take on and off your dog!

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I love how I can take my dog out at night and see where he is going with this collar on! Very reflective at night, easy to put on him when we are ready to go out.
— Susan A.
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When we go on our nightly runs he can be seen at all times! I can now relax when the cars are passing us and know we are both safe!
— Beverly C.
We let our dogs roam the property and these collars are great for keeping an eye on them. The easy buckle is nice. I was a bit skeptical at first but it is tough.
— MaryMcG77